Droom for BFSI

Droom offers a suite of services for BFSI clients, including Certification services, Pricing services and QuickSell. Through our Certification and Pricing services we enable lenders and insurers to take better informed decisions. Our QuickSell Offering enables disposal of large fleet of repossessed vehicles quickly and efficiently.

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  • 12.6 Mn+ Monthly Traffic
  • 287k+ Registered Sellers
  • ~80% Market Share
  • 1095+ Cities
  • 4.5Mn+ Listings
  • $3.5Bn+ Listed GMV
  • 6.5Mn+ FB Community
  • 13.7 Mn App Download
  • $1.1Bn+ Annualized GMV

Pricing Services

Droom Pricing Services leverages an algorithmic pricing engine to offer vehicle pricing for new and used vehicles with additional tools to determine buyback pricing and pricing strategy. This helps our BFSI clients in valuation of vehicles for loan disbursement and collateral value and calculating IDV estimates for insurance.

Certification Services

Droom provides a suite of certification services to enterprise customers, including OBV (Vehicle Pricing), ECO (Vehicle Inspection), and History (Vehicle history records) certificates. A completely unbiased, objective and independent assessment of used vehicles, which can be shared as digital reports and used for valuation of used vehicles for loan disbursement, balance transfer loans and pre-inspection for insurance.


QuickSell is an auction-based highly efficient trading platform which allows repos to use Droom services to sell to 3.4 Lac Droom certified auto dealers. QuickSell allows creation of a listing from anywhere and runs a highly transparent auction which avoids middlemen margin and helps you sell your inventory and get paid quickly.

Marketing Solutions

At Droom, we understand the pain points involved in buying and selling automobiles in India. Our Marketing Solutions are offered across platforms including web, android, iOS and offline. We offer highly targeted, measurable and effective advertising opportunities for leading brands. With Droom Marketing Solutions, you can gain access to 30Mn+ monthly visitors.

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Droom For BFSI

Droom offers a suite of services for BFSI clients, including certification services, pricing services & QuickSell. Through our certification and pricing services, we enable lenders and insurers to take better informed decisions. Our QuickSell offering enables disposal of large fleet of re-possessed vehicles quickly and efficiently.
Droom for BFSI services can be availed by the following:
  • a) Banks
  • b) Insurance Companies
  • c) OEMs
  • d) Fleet Owners
  • e) Ride Hailing Companies
  • f) Food Tech Companies
  • g) Delivery Companies
  • h) Leasing Companies
  • i) Rental
  • j) Any Other Large Fleet Owners and Operators
  • a) One-time Certification Services
  • b) Recurring Certification Services
  • c) Monthly
  • d) Quarterly
  • e) Annual
  • a) Always remain in control of your fleet’s health
  • b) Easily buy and sell used vehicles
  • c) Track all the parameters using enterprise dashboard
  • d) Alerts and notifications
  • e) AI based predictive analyticsl
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