What isDroom Enterprise

What is Droom Enterprise

Droom Enterprise brings in the best of Droom platforms, Ecosystem Services and Tools for our enterprise customers, with necessary implementation support, requisite customizations and handholding. Droom offers vertical enterprise solutions for various Industry segments dealing with Auto-related business, various solutions for enabling OEMs and their dealers tap into the digital opportunity as well as best-in-class ad solutions.

WHY TO SIGN UP ASDroom Enterprise

What is Droom Enterprise
  • One Stop Solution
  • Digital Convenience
  • Disposing Report Vehicles
  • Less Regulatory Worry
  • Data Science Approach
  • Ownership Verification
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Standardization
  • Technology in Credit Decision Making
  • Fair Vehicle Market Value
  • Lower TAT
  • Unbiased Reports
  • Periodic Vehicle Inspection and Valuation
  • Opex Control
  • Financing Needs
  • Affordablity
176K+ B2C Seller
28.6K+ Products
172K + Listing
2,861Cr+ Listed GMV
5.2Mil+ FB Community
6Mil+ App Downloads

What doesDroom Enterprise Offer You

Industry Solutions
  • Droom BFSI Solutions for banks, insurance and NBFCs.
  • Droom Fleet Solutions (DFS) catering to business needs as Bulk buying and selling for taxi aggregators.
  • Droom B2B Solutions.
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OEM Solutions

Droom OEM Solutions are geared towards assisting OEMs and their dealer networks seize the online opportunity for selling used and new vehicles through various channels.

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Droom Digital and Marketing Solutions is a highly sophisticated, data-science based advertising platform that offers 360 degree reach across 31 million+ captive monthly visitors and 6 million+ socially connected audience across Droom platforms.

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Partner with enterprises for various marketing programs, exclusive partner program and deeper customized relationships.



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