Droom for Fleet

Droom for Fleet is a suite of solutions for all fleet management needs of fleet owners and operators. It offers services such as Fleet Management Services, Pricing as a Service, Certification as a service and Transaction Services (Bulk buying and selling). These advanced fleet management services are designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your fleet.

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Transaction Services

Droom’s Bulk Buying and Selling solutions offer a plethora of services for fleet owners for bulk buying and selling like Quicksell, Droom Credit, Droom Assist and more to help you seamlessly take care of all your vehicle transactions.

My Fleet

My Fleet is an end-to-end fleet lifecycle management tool. It takes care of all your fleet management needs throughout the lifecycle of vehicles and lets you stay focused on what's important for you - your business, assets and liquidity.

Fleet Health and Safety

Using our well-trained technicians, we assist in providing complete fleet health analysis, which includes over 120-point vehicle inspection, monitoring the health and tracking vehicle condition with future operating expenses and suggesting ways to improve the life and condition of your fleet.

Certification Services

Droom’s Certification services aim at providing an all-in-all inspection service for your fleet on a one-time or recurring basis. Droom offers various certification services such as Orange Book Value (OBV), ECO and History to ensure consistently high quality of your fleet, thereby improving the experience for your customers.

Pricing Services

Droom’s ricing services help you in assessing the fair price of your vehicle and maximize the salvage value of your fleet.

Marketing Solutions

At Droom, we understand the pain points involved in buying and selling automobiles in India. Our Marketing Solutions are offered across platforms including web, android, iOS and offline. We offer highly targeted, measurable and effective advertising opportunities for leading brands. With Droom Marketing Solutions, you can gain access to 30Mn+ monthly visitors.

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Droom For Fleet

Droom for Fleet is an end-to-end solution for all fleet management needs of fleet owners and operators. It leverages Droom's Ecosystem to make the entire journey from buying, managing, maintaining to selling the fleet efficient and hassle-free.
Droom for Fleet can be availed by any enterprise looking to sell or buy more than 10 vehicles.
Droom helps to expand & manage the fleets of the largest ride-hailing companies, lowering their customer SLAs with our end-to-end fleet solutions, which includes following services.
  • a) Bulk buying & selling
  • b) Fleet management solution
  • c) My fleet
  • d) Marketing solutions
  • e) Certification as a service
  • f) Pricing as a service
Droom for fleet benefits enterprises in following ways:
  • a) One-Stop solution for fleet management
  • b) Efficient fleet lifecycle management
  • c) Fleet health check and inspections
  • d) Lower TAT
  • e) Standardization
  • f) Less regulatory worry
  • g) Better customer experience
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